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Echo Media :: Film Télévision! - Arts de la scène: Danse

Arts de la scène: Danse

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Risa, an actress, is struggling to cope with the death of her daughter, Adéla. In the theatre, she plays the role of a mother who loses her daughter. This leads her to immerse herself in her memories and blurs the line between dream and reality.   Choreographer: Jose Navas   
Edouard Lock offers a cinematographic version of Amelia, his most recent creation, in which camera and dancers of La La La Human Steps unite in precise choreography. The film explores point technique, complex partnering sequences, plays on speed and the partial isolation of movements through skilful camera work.   Co-Producer…
Boundary-breaking aesthete, Marie Chouinard, uses J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations to explore connections between the undefinability of The Other and the blatantness of Beauty. Subtle and extravagant, sumptuous and wild, the movements probe the impenetrable mysteries of the body and of life.    Artists : Kimberley Jong,Chi Long, Carla Maruca, Lucie…
The White Room is a choreography in several tableaux divided into three acts. The action all takes place in a restrained area similar to a room in a psychiatric institute. The pure white walls, which evoke many meanings, become a crowded space evoking all the tension and delirium of the…
Recorded as part of the Montreal High Lights Festival, the program brings together on the same stage for the first time the major Montreal dance troupes, including La La La Human Steps, 0 Vertigo Danse, La Compagnie Flak and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. 
The television adaptation of Wire Frame, production of the Montreal based company O Vertigo Danse, explores a confrontation between art and life. The film follows two days in the life of an architect as he faces a crisis.  
The program presents exceptionnaly talented artists aged 15 to 20 who come from many of Montreal's different cultural communities and who aspire to excel artistically through body self-expression, namely, dance.