DIRECTED BY LUC PICARD - In Theaters September 2017


Montreal, 1970


Four children kidnap an old lady and make her their hostage… and their grandmother. The small group then leaves the city for the countryside, but nothing will go as planned.


Gripping and tender, funny and moving, Les Rois Mongols is above all the story of Manon, a 12-year-old who refuses to be split apart from her 5-year-old brother Mimi. Determined to take control of her destiny, she recruits Martin, 15, and Denis, 9, who are willing to do anything for their cousin.


Les Rois Mongolsis a story of rebellion, resilience and love that will make audiences laugh, all the while touching their hearts.




Directed by Luc Picard

A script by Nicole Bélanger

Produced by Luc Châtelain and Stéphanie Pages – Écho Média

Distribution by Téléfiction Distribution

Leading actors : Mylia Corbeil-Gauvreau, Anthony Bouchard, Alexis Guay, Henri Picard, Maude Laurendeau, Julie Ménard, Martin Desgagné, Jean-François Boudreau, Sophie Cadieux, Emmanuel Charest et Bobby Beshro