A Deep Dive with Charlie!

Meet Charlie, as if you could miss her! Our heroine is a four-and-a-half-year-old whale with a personality as big as the great wide ocean in which she swims. Loving, enthusiastic, creative, wildly energetic and determined to get her way, Charlie knows exactly what she wants, but how is she going to get it? That’s where things get totally Charlie!


Like most kids her age Charlie makes waves as she asserts herself and tests her parents’ limits. Of course, she doesn’t always listen to her mom and dad. Babette and Noah are happy, loving parents, but they’ve got their fins full with Charlie (and her little brother too). You sure need a lot of patience with such a boisterous little whale… and sometimes they have to admit that they feel out of their depth!


But that’s where the comedy comes in! Humour will be used to soften the frustrations that little kids can experience and those of moms and dads too. Even with the best of intentions, her parents, Noah and Babette, can sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer force of nature that is Charlie - sometimes she even overwhelms herself!


But with some thoughtful communication, carefully considered and age-appropriate boundaries and lots of imagination, Charlie and her family (Grandpa Lou too!) have a lot of fun living life, making mistakes, making up, and finding solutions together with lots of love, plenty of learning and TONS of laughter.


High Tide! 


A Deep Dive with Charlie!